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Keeping your carpets beautiful doesn’t stop at regular cleaning.  It also includes caring for its foundations.  One of the largest investments of your home is your carpet.  Where and tear happens from heavy traffic areas, pet ownership or accidental spills. Repairs can be done to your carpet to address any issues by stretching or spot dyeing any carpet damages. Professional carpet repair is required to restore the safety and quality of your carpet. Repairing damaged carpet not only provides a safe environment, but it also lengthens the life of your carpet.

Top Notch Carpet & Upholstery Services takes pride in our work, delivering exceptional carpet repairs with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Carpet stretching and spot dyeing can help keep your carpet looking great.

Top Notch Carpet Stretching Services

Carpets tend to fade their color over time, they require dyes to get back to their original condition. With the passage of time, carpets also get wrinkles and creases which not only look bad but also are very risky if you have kids or older people around who can fall from the wrinkles.
We are offering carpet stretching and dyeing services for these reasons. We offer the best carpet stretching services through specialized equipment and an experienced workforce.
Our carpet dyeing company has done multiple carpet stretching and cleaning services at affordable rates. Our clients are always happy with our results.